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ALFA Medical Clinic’s mission is to provide quality, value-priced, primary health care services in a caring, nurturing, and family-centered environment.

Every family member offers unique value to the collective whole, and as much care as we are willing to give to our own family members, we are eager to offer that much care to our patients.

To this end, we demonstrate by example our motto which is: “Treatment that puts you first.” We look forward to adding you and your family to ours.

Our Mission


We are committed to a supportive environment that encourages new ideas and creativity.


We promote and encourage open communication that fosters partnerships and enhances timely, effective and appropriate responses.


We consistently strive to provide the highest quality and the safest patient care.


We accept personal accountability for the work we do.


We respect each person as a member of our internal medical community. Involvement and teamwork determine our future.


We are committed to our standard of service excellence and dedicated to exceeding the expectations of those we serve.

We aim to provide our patients a continuum of high-quality, cost-effective internal medicine services in order to improve the overall wellbeing of those we serve. In providing these services, we will strive to operate at the highest level of personal and professional integrity. In keeping with this goal, one of our priorities is that we demonstrate ethical behaviour and mutual respect for each other and every individual we assist.

ALFA Medical Clinic will strive to maintain its position as a leader in the healthcare industry and a contributor to the area’s economy. The practice will do so by proactively adjusting to the changes in the healthcare sector and through the participation in local and regional networks.

Our Vision Our Values