Charles Osei-Duro

Office Manager Charles Osei-Duro has worked at Alfa Medical Clinic since its inception Charles has always been interested in lending his management experiences and skills to businesses and he chose the medical field because of its growth potential. Charles has a Bachelor of Science degree in Development Planning and a Masters degree in Health Administration.

Throughout his career, Charles has acquired many interpersonal skills which have come in handy in dealing with a multitude of people from various backgrounds and ethnicities. His hobbies include reading, watching and playing soccer and watching movies. Charles lives in Waxhaw with wife Gennie and their five-year old son, C.J.

Rachel Martinez

The first face people encounter when they visit Alfa Medical Clinic is that of Ms. Rachel Martinez. As an office assistant she’s perfected the art of multitasking various duties and responsibilities at the Clinic. At any given moment, she’s juggling phone calls, making and confirming appointments and checking out patients.  

Ms. Martinez is fluent in Spanish and is often seen translating information for our Spanish-speaking patients. Rachel loves spending time with family and spends a lot of her free-time fishing.

Lisa A. Harris

As one of Alfa’a Medical Office Assistants, Lisa A. Harris has been a competent addition to Alfa’s team. In search of a career change, she chose nursing because she knew that as an industry, the medical field offered the most consistent growth.  She has used the skills and education she brought from ECPI College of Technology effectively serve Alfa’s patients and associates.   

She’s often seen interacting with the patients, drawing blood, giving injections, setting IV lines and generally ensuring that the patients are well taken care of. In her spare time, Lisa spends quality time with her family and goes to church. She loves listening to jazz and gospel music.

Talika Tillman

As Alfa’s head nurse, Talika joined the clinic with a deep fascination with the human body and how it functioned. Even before she joined the medical profession, Talika was interested in being in the service industry in some capacity. Armed with a deep interest learning new things, she acquired her training at Kings College in Charlotte.

As an employee with excellent organizational skills, Talika is constantly seeking creative ways to promote high-quality patient care as well as improvements in office procedures. On a given day, you can find Talika putting patients at their ease while she’s drawing blood, giving injections and doing other routine medical procedures. Talika has excellent organizational skills and uses those skills to keep the nurses’ stations in top-notch condition.

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