Echocardiogram:  An echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart. It is used to diagnose diseases of the heart. It is able to measure the strength of the heart, check for heart enlargement. Study the valves of the heart for leakages and check for fluid around the heart. It is a safe non invasive test and there are no known risks involves in its clinical use.

Vascular Ultrasound: Vascular ultrasound is the use of sound waves to study blood flow through blood vessels in the neck, upper and lower extremities. Studies involving the abdomen and chest can also be done.  These studies are able to diagnose blockages in the neck arteries (carotid stenosis), clots in the legs or arms (deep venous thrombosis) or poor circulatory problems as in peripheral vascular disease. These tests are non-invasive and this means that there are no needles, anesthesia, dyes or cutting.

EKG – Electrocardiogram: This is a test that checks the electrical activity of the heart.  It can show heart abnormalities as enlargement, electrolyte abnormalities affecting the body and heart, decreased blood and oxygen supply to the heart (ischemia) and heart attacks.

Holter Monitor:  A holter monitor is a device that records the electrical activity of the heart continuously for 24 hours or longer. These monitors are given to the patients to record heart activity while they undertake their normal activities outside the doctor office and even while they are asleep. It is used usually when patients have symptoms as dizziness, palpitation (irregular heart beats) or even when there is an abnormal EKG.

Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy Monitor: Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy is a condition that affects the function of the heart. This complication is from long standing diabetes. In this condition, the heart rate and vascular function of the heart is impaired.

It is believed that 22% of Type II Diabetes and 17% of Type I Diabetes have this complication. Cardiac Autonomic neuropathy has been linked to :

This test is available in the office and takes about 10 minutes to run,

Courtesy of Innovative Diagnostics Inc.

Sleep Apnea Monitor:  is a very common but largely undiagnosed medical problem where people stop breathing in their sleep.  The most common type is obstructive sleep apnea. Many people are not aware of their condition but will complain of:

A sleep study to diagnose this problem is done in a sleep lab, but that could be very expensive. The house sleep study unit is a very affordable alternative. We will show you how the fit the machine and you will sleep in the comfort of your bed. We will transmit your report to a board certified sleep specialist for a complete report and will treat you if the study is abnormal.

Vaginitis / STD Testing: The convenient BD Affirm Machine makes vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina with pain and discharge) easy to treat. The In-house test runs for only 45 minutes and gives us a conclusive identification of Candida (yeast) , Gardnerella Vaginalis (bacteria infection) and Trichomonas (STI).   All that is needed is a swab and results are generated in less than an hour!!

Ankle-brachial Index Test (ABI):  This test is done to check for peripheral arterial disease (PAD). It is a non-invasive test which compares  the blood pressure measured in your ankle to that of your arm. An abnormal result can indicate blockage or narrowing of the arteries of the legs. People with PAD are at high risk for heart attach, stroke, poor circulation, leg pain, and led and foot ulcers.

Helicobacteria Pylori Infection & Testing

Heliocobacteria Pylori infection is caused by a bacteria called helicobacteria pylori.   Its main route of infection is unknown but it is believed to be oral/fecal (contamination) of the hands from infected stool), from saliva of an infected person and at times from contaminated water supply.  




Prevention:  Good hand washing and basic principles of hygiene to avoid oral and fecal transfer


Cryosurgery:  This is the application of extreme cold to skin moles, warts and other skin lesions to destroy the abnormal and diseased tissues.

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